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Poster: HappySwordsman Date: Jul 6, 2012 5:46am
Forum: classic_tv Subject: 1954 ABC (US) broadcasts held by UCLA Film and Television Archive

Note: This list was created by search for "ABC 1954". Needless to say it likely is missing anything held by the UCLA from that year that doesn't mention the network it aired on.

Note 2: This list, of course, is missing anything held by Library of Congress, Paley Center for Media, Museum of Broadcast Communications, Ira Gallen's closet, etc etc.....yes, Ira Gallen is a real person. Better known as the "tvdays" guy.....

Note: This list excludes filmed series, unless they are really rare.

Note: The site lists two episodes of "Chance of a Lifetime" from 1954 as having aired on the network, but other sources suggest the series was airing on Du Mont at the time....Allen preferred "Du Mont", but the press always called them "DuMont". Both are correct. "DUMONT" "DUM" and "Dumont" are incorrect.

Note: Obviously, some of these series have episodes held from other years.

"Elgin Hour" - 2 episodes ("Falling Star" and "Warm Clay". Anthology series)

"The George Jessel Show" - 9 episodes (3 January 1954, 17 January 1954, 7 February 1954, 21 February 1954, 28 February 1954, 14 March 1954, 28 March 1954, 4 April 1954, 11 April 1954....variety)

It's Joey - 1 episode (unsold pilot)

Jamie - 2 episodes ("Jamie Tents Out" and an unidentified episode. Sitcom aired live)

"The Jane Pickens Show" - 4 episodes (15-minute music series. Those who want to see her in action should check out the two episodes of "Cavalcade of Stars" that have been uploaded with her singing)

"Keys to a Great Market" - 1 episode (this was a kinescope that was never broadcast, designed to convince advertisers to buy time on ABC affiliate KABC. Features footage from local TV series that otherwise no longer survive)

Light's Diamond Jubilee - 1 episode (this was a 2-hour special broadcast on all four networks...even Du Mont/DuMont)

Mask - 8 episodes (titles: "65 Pacific Street", "Royal Revenge", "Marked for Murder", "Party Night", "Fingers of Fear", "The Gambler", "Poisoned Village", "The Reckoning")

"The Name's the Same" - 20 episodes (game show)

"Pride of the Family" - 27 episodes (obscure, yet still copyrighted, sitcom produced on film by Revue Productions)

"The Ray Bolger Show" - 8 episodes (produced-on-film sitcom that likely exists elsewhere)

"Space Patrol" - 40 episodes (live sci-fi)

"Super Circus" - 3 episodes (circus acts/variety)

"This World" - 1 episode (news/interview program)

"United States Steel Hour" - 6 episodes (episode titles: "Oberstasse 49", "Goodbye, but it doesn't go away", "King's Pawn", "One for the Road", "Presento", "The Fifth Wheel", Anthology)

"Pepsi-Cola Playhouse" - 1 episode (title: "When the Police Arrive". Anthology)